Monday, January 17, 2011

Lexus IS250 exhaust customisation

This week we have done a full set exhaust customisation for Lexus IS250 at SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop. This is a V6 2.5L engine, so we decide to give it a double independent exhaust piping set up all along the way from the front to the back.

The original exhaust system of this IS250 is taken down for measurement and mandrel bending purposes.

Part of the exhaust is installed.

Men at work, to ensure everything is in good order.

It is a double independent piping set up from both side of the engine, all along the way to the back. The exhaust flows from both sides of the V6 engine will get no interference from each other at all. Twin rear mufflers are custom made for this car, then matched with titanium exhaust tips.

The car is then send for dyno test and further engine upgrades.

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