Friday, November 16, 2012

Sound Level for VW Golf 6 GTI full exhaust

Full set of stainless steel exhaust system for VW Golf 6 GTI, from downpipe to cat back exhaust system from SuperCircuit.

 The exhaust system is fabricated with grade 304 stainless steel, mandrel bent piping and TIG/Argon welded.

SuperCircuit cat deleted 2.5" downpipe installed.

CEL can be countered with the O2 sensor defouler and a 'mini cat'.

100% compatible with the stock exhaust system, even the SuperCircuit cat back exhaust system can be slipped on individually to the stock factory fitted downpipe without any modification.

Stainless steel rear muffler box, you know it is from SuperCircuit.

First of its kind in the country. The exhaust noise level is recorded and checked with a digital sound level meter. The stock exhaust system at full rev recorded 78.1dB.

With just the SuperCircuit cat deleted downpipe installed. The exhaust noise increased to 97.9dB at full rev.

With full set of SuperCircuit exhaust, from downpipe to cat back exhaust kit, installed. We recorded 100.3dB. The exhaust system gives out more horse power, a lot more prominent DSG sound while shifted and nicer exhaust note too!

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