Monday, December 2, 2013

VW Golf 7 1.4 TSI Turbo Downpipe

The SuperCircuit turbo downpipe for the 2013 VW Golf 7 1.4 TSI is now available through its dealers or authorized installer.

This Ø2.0" downpipe is made with grade 304 stainless steel, CNC mandrel bent piping and TIG-Argon welded by our master craftsmen here at SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop.

Photos below shown the SuperCircuit downpipe bolted onto the 1.4 TSI turbo taken from various angles.

Photo above shown the comparison of the factory stock downpipe with catalytic converter from the 2013 VW Golf 7 1.4 TSI and stainless steel decated stainless steel downpipe from SuperCircuit.

For more information about the VW Golf Mk7 1.4 TSI downpipe, please contact us at SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop, Sunway. Tel: 03 5632 2855 or join the SuperCircuit Exhaust facebook for more updates.