Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Catalytic Converter Replacement for BMW 630i (E63)

The headers (or called exhaust extractors) of the BMW 6-series (E63) straight six cylinder N52 engine comes with two catalytic converter as stock.

In most cases, the factory stock catalytic converters can last the life of the car. But things sometimes do go wrong with catalytic converters prematurely. A hard acceleration that creates sharp blow to the catalytic, e.g. floor the gas pedal, could damage the catalyst material, blocking the flow of exhaust flow and hurting engine performance. An engine that's burning excessive oil could also wear out a catalytic converter before its time. In addition, certain fuel additives can (and do) counteract and prematurely age the catalysts.

Since most of the factory fitted stock catalytic converters are made of ceramic substrate, it is brittle and might break if knocked or in the case of a car accident.

If you are experiencing a CEL (check engine light) and it shows P0420 code on the OBD-II scanner, then most probably you are having a 'Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)' trouble or in simple engine, your Catalytic Converter is not working and need to be replaced!

So, we will remove the exhaust headers where the troubled catalytic converter is located.

This is how the exhaust outlets of the BMW N52 straight-six cylinder magnesium engine looks like, after the headers are removed (SEE BELOW).

We removed the faulty catalytic converters and replaced with a 'HIGH FLOW' cat., for better breathing and higher performance output. This HIGH FLOW cat has 200 cells and is less restrictive compared to the factory O.E. catalytic converter which normally comes in 600-700 cells per square inch.

The BMW 630i stock headers are installed back in position with the new catalytic converters. Everything is back in position and no Check Engine Light issue due to faulty catalytic converter, no P0420 code detected!

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