Saturday, May 9, 2015

Porsche Cayenne GTS X-pipe Custom

X-pipe (or called crossover pipe) and H-pipe synchronizes the balance of the exhaust pulses from each bank of cylinders, for V6 or V8 engines, based on firing order which increases velocity and scavenging from each cylinder.

There are various tests have shown that, the X-pipe outperforms H-pipe exhaust systems, especially as RPM increases, providing both better torque and power.

Here, we have custom crafted a set of X-pipe for the Porsche Cayenne GTS with full mandrel bent stainless steel and hand TIG welded. 

The factor stock H-pipe of the Porsche Cayenne vs. SUPERCIRCUIT stainless steel x-pipe on the right.

The X-shaped formation allows better exhaust gas scavenging, noise cancellation and better balance between cylinder banks. The result is a significant increase in power and torque but a reduction in in-cabin noise. Isn't it the best of both worlds?

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