Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Honda Civic 1.8 FD Headers

The SUPERCIRCUIT catless Headers/ Extractors made for the Honda Civic FD 1.8 promotes better exhaust flow and lessen the restriction compared to the factory stock catalytic converter, hence better acceleration and top-end power. It is a must have item for those who would like to improve the performance of their Honda Civic FD 1.8!

The factory stock exhaust header of the Honda Civic FD 1.8 comes with a big catalytic converter (SEE BELOW).

We split the exhaust flow into two to get the effect of the conventional 4-2-1 extractor, this will free up restriction and minimize exhaust turbulence, in theory. It is further proven by dyno test during the R&D stage.

The SUPERCIRCUIT Honda Civic FD 1.8 Extractor/ Header is designed to bolt-on straight to the R18A mill, no further modification is required during the installation.

The Honda Civic FD 1.8 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) pipe has to be installed back to the pre-built EGR outlet of the SUPERCIRCUIT Headers, not a single thing is left out. (SEE BELOW)

The SUPERCIRCUIT Honda Civic 1.8 headers/ extractors is made with grade 304 stainless steel, then TiG/Argon welded on all stainless steel flanges for perfect fitting and optimized performance.

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