Friday, September 8, 2017

Mini Countryman (R60) Downpipe

SUPERCIRCUIT Exhaust Pro Shop probably house the largest quantity of turbo downpipes and exhaust headers in the country. You always can find one here at our showroom or even that is not available, we can always custom made it for you.

Here is the Mini Cooper S Countryman R60 catless downpipe we produced and installed.

This Mini Cooper S Countryman comes with the outgoing Prince turbocharged 1.6L engine.

The factory stock downpipe is just located in front of the engine and can be accessed quite easily after removing the heat shield and components around it.

In the below picture, the factory stock Mini Cooper S Countryman (R60) turbo downpipe vs. the SUPERCIRCUIT catless one at the background. The catless downpipe provides larger and less restrictive exhaust flow, it makes the turbo spool faster and hence better performance. It is also good for ECU tuning or ECU reflashing needs.

SUPERCIRCUIT downpipe is installed to the turbo outlet of the Mini Cooper S Countryman. The installation of the SUPERCIRCUIT downpipe is just straight bolt-on, no further modification is required.

At the other end of the SUPERCIRCUIT downpipe, it connects to the rest of the exhaust system via the exhaust clamp (reuse the factory original one). This downpipe is 100% compatible with the stock original R60 Countryman catback exhaust system.

To purchase or for more information about the above SUPERCIRCUIT bolt-on catless downpipe for the Mini Cooper S Countryman R60, please visit us at SuperCircuit exhaust Pro Shop, SS13 Subang Jaya Industrial Estate. Tel: 03 5632 2855 or Send Us A Message using the form on the right of this page.

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