Thursday, November 23, 2017

Perodua Myvi 1.5 AT Extractor & Catback Exhaust System

We are specialized in exhaust headers/ extractors and turbo downpipes here at SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop, that's why you can find large collections of exhaust headers and downpipes in our showroom for direct bolt-on applications.

Besides that, the cat-back exhaust system can also be custom done here, just like the Perodua Myvi 1.5 AT featured here:

The SUPERCIRCUIT 4-1 Extractor is specifically designed for direct bolt-on to the Perodua Myvi 1.5 Auto Transmission for better torque and horsepower. This 4-1 setup does not suit the Manual Transmission Myvi, the MT version should use the 4-2-1 extractor setup.

The 1.5L 3SZ-VE of the Perodua Myvi with the SUPERCIRCUIT extractor installed (BELOW PICTURES). The 4-1 extractor is specially developed for the Perodua Myvi 1.5 AT and is designed for direct bolt-on application.

For the rest of the exhaust system, it has to be custom hand made by our master craftsmen here at the SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop.

The complete exhaust system for the Perodua Myvi 1.5 above is made with grade 304 mandrel bent stainless steel pipes and is fully TIG/Argon welded with top notched craftsmanship, for optimum and long lasting performance.

To purchase or for more information about the above SUPERCIRCUIT full exhaust system specially made for the Perodua Myvi 1.5 AT, please visit us at SuperCircuit exhaust Pro Shop, SS13 Subang Jaya Industrial Estate. Tel: 03 5632 2855 or Send Us A Message using the form on the right of this page.

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