Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Honda Civic 1.8 (FD1) Extractor

I know the SuperCircuit exhaust header for Honda Civic 1.8 (FD1) has been in the market for quite sometimes, but it has not been featured in our blog here. Today, I have the opportunity to get hold of a Civic FD1 installed with the SuperCircuit header. So, enjoy the photos....

 The heart of Honda Civic FD1 - code name R18A1.

FD1 installed with cat deleted header by SuperCircuit....

Peeped from below.... note the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) piping comes out of the SuperCircuit exhaust header.

It is just like a piece of art - the craftsmanship of SuperCircuit.

For more information, please contact SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop, Sunway. Tel: +6 03 5632 2855.


  1. Question..This extractor will give low, middle or top end upgrade?

  2. Do supercircuit sell complete exhaust syatem for honda fd1?if got,please email me at