Saturday, May 12, 2012

Honda CR-Z Header & Exhaust System Customization

Here at SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop, we supply ready made SuperCircuit CR-Z header with heat shield brackets, so the original heat shield can be used back to make the engine room cooler.

The extractor is made of full grade 304 stainless steel material, CNC machined flanges for tight fitment, TIG/Argon welding from high craftsmanship welder.

For more information, please contact SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop. Tel: +6 03 5632 2855.

SuperCircuit cat deleted extractor for Honda CR-Z, now comes with Heat Shield Brackets.

CNC machined flange now with SUPERCIRCUIT logo. You know you have bought the genuine SuperCircuit product.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

BMW 335i (E93) Cat Deleted Downpipe

We have just custom made a set of cat deleted downpipe for the BMW 335i convertible (E93) here at SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop. Check it out!

BMW 335i convertible (E93) at the front and 335i coupe (E92) at the back.

The BMW 335i twin turbo in-line 6 (N54) power plant pumps out more than 300hp and 400Nm of torque. So she deserves a free flow exhaust downpipe to compliment the output and performance.....

The stock downpipe is out on the floor....

The twin turbo is naked now....

Stainless steel custom cat deleted downpipe by SuperCircuit Exhaust.

The SuperCircuit vs. Stock downpipe. Please note that you will need CEL Fix to replace the downpipe with a cat deleted one. The BMW 335i donwpipe CEL fix is available at SuperCircuit Exhaust, please contact us at +6 03 5632 2855 or visit our Showroom at Sunway.