Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Citroen DS4 THP Turbo Downpipe

We have done the development of the turbo downpipe for the 200ps Citroen DS4 THP. There are the photos:

 Below is the Citroen DS4 THP 1.6 200ps turbo charged engine bay.

This is the stock turbo downpipe, made of cast iron and a catalytic converter is attached with it.

This is the stainless steel, cat deleted downpipe with resonator.

The downpipe is then wrapped with thermal wrapping and a defouler is installed to the O2 sensor bung.

The bottom of the downpipe is made of CNC machined trumpet-like flange for 100% OEM compatibility.

The heat shield is then installed back for neat engine bay appearance as well as better temperature control around the engine bay.

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