Saturday, January 5, 2013

Honda CR-Z Hybrid Header

The SuperCircuit range of exhaust products is designed to maximize the exhaust flow efficiency and is R&D with sporty and dynamic driving characteristic in mind.

Here, we would like to present you the Honda CR-Z exhaust header with original heat shield compatibility brackets.

The SuperCircuit Honda CR-Z header is made of graded 304 stainless steel, matched with CNC machined flanges for plug 'n play performance.


The original factory stock heat shield is installed to the special designed brackets on the SuperCircuit CR-Z stainless steel header, for better engine bay temperature control and higher engine combustion efficiency.

View from another angle, the SuperCircuit CR-Z header is installed. Note that there are many hoses and wires around the header area. So it is essential to cut away the heat from the exhaust header.

So, we designed the header with compatible heat shield brackets. You can put the heat shield back, just like the original header.

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