Monday, January 28, 2013

Kia Forte 2.0 Header

SuperCircuit made stainless steel 4-1 header/ exhaust extractor for Kia Forte (2009-2013 model) with Theta II 1998cc engine.

The exhaust outlets of the Theta II engine.

Welding in progress at SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop.....

The final results, you get a full stainless steel argon welded SuperCircuit 4-1 extractor at 5.34kg vs. factory stock extractor 6.99kg.

 The next step will be installing the original heat shield back to the SuperCircuit extractor.

We designed the extractor to be compatible with the original factory stock heat shield, for better temperature management at the engine bay.

The SuperCircuit 4-1 extractor is installed to the engine.

View from the bottom.

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