Monday, January 26, 2015

Proton SAGA BLM Extractor

The 2nd generation Proton SAGA also called the SAGA BLM (Base Line Model) produced since 2008 has been evolved to SAGA FL and SAGA FLX.

SuperCircuit 4-2-1 Extractor developed for the Proton SAGA CAMPRO 1.3L IAFM+ improves the low end torque and high end horse power of your ride. It is installed to the FLX variant below:

Factory stock exhaust system on the Proton SAGA FLX made of mild steel. Mild steel will get rusty over the years and carbon will deposit onto the inner surface of the exhaust pipe and cause exhaust flow deficiency. So we swapped it with a stainless steel one made by SuperCircuit.

The longer primary pipes of the SuperCircuit extractor help to create better torque at the low end. Then, we relocate the O2 sensor to the back for better and more accurate reading.

A little welding job has to be done so the SuperCircuit extractor fits to the factory stock Proton SAGA FLX centre section, but it proves worth the effort.

The SuperCircuit 4-2-1 header fits nicely to the factory stock standard exhaust system of the Proton SAGA BLM. It is as good as original.

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