Friday, October 16, 2015

Toyota Camry 2.5L Extractor

SUPERCIRCUIT 4-1 stainless steel extractor/ headers made for the Toyota 2.5L  (2AR-FE) engine is installed to the Toyota Camry  XV50 (model year 2013 onwards) below.

The 2AR-FE 2.5L petrol power plant of the Toyota Camry (BELOW).

The Toyota Camry factory stock extractor with catalytic converter is unveiled (BELOW PHOTOS) after removing the heat shield. 

The exhaust outlet ports of the 2AR-FE shown below.

The SUPERCIRCUIT 4-1 stainless steel extractor at the background. This catless extractor is made with grade 304 stainless steel mandrel bent piping and TIG/Argon welded. The flange of the prototype extractor shown in the article is made with mild steel, but the production version will have full stainless steel flanges.

The SUPERCIRCUIT extractor installed to the Toyota Camry 2.5's 2AR-FE engine below. It is designed to straight bolt-on, no cutting and welding is required during the installation.

The SUPERCIRCUIT extractor comes with compatible heat shield brackets, so the original heat shield can be installed back in position (BELOW), for better heat management at the engine bay.

The mass production SUPERCIRCUIT headers are made of 304 stainless steel CNC mandrel bent piping, matched with stainless steel flanges and hand TIG/Argon welded with top notched craftsmanship. 

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