Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Audi TTS Quattro (8J) Turbo Downpipe

SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop has probably the largest collections of turbo downpipe in the country, ranging from European marques to domestic model, from high performance model to small turbo charged engine.

Following the Audi TTS Quattro (8J) axle-back exhaust customized few days ago, here is another Audi TTS Quattro (8J) visited us for the SUPERCIRCUIT catless downpipe.

The SUPERCIRCUIT catless downpipe made for the Audi TTS Quattro (8J) vs. the factory stock downpipe which comes with two catalytic converters and a mid resonator.

The catalytic converter of the factory stock Audi TTS downpipe shown below.

We replaced the downpipe with the SUPERCIRCUIT catless one to get rid of the restriction and make the exhaust flows more effectively. By doing this, one can squeeze more horsepower and torques out of the Audi TTS Quattro (8J) 2.0 TFSI engine.

The SUPERCIRCUIT Downpipe designed for the Audi TTS Quattro (8J) is made with grade 304 stainless steel mandrel bent pipes and is fully TIG/Argon welded on CNC machined stainless steel flanges.

Since the post cat O2 sensor is pre-installed with an defouler (SEE BELOW), no CEL issue here even if the engine is not tuned.

The SUPERCIRCUIT catless downpipe promotes better exhaust flow and is ideal for ecu remapping/ tuning needs. It is compatible with the factory stock exhaust system of the Audi TTS Quattro (8J), just bolt-on straight!

To purchase or for more information about the above SUPERCIRCUIT bolt-on catless Downpipe made for the Audi TTS Quattro (8J), please visit us at SuperCircuit exhaust Pro Shop, SS13 Subang Jaya Industrial Estate. Tel: 03 5632 2855 or Send Us A Message using the form on the right of this page.

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