Saturday, February 18, 2017

Proton Exora CFE Turbo Downpipe

SUPERCIRCUIT has developed a very complete range of turbo downpipes. We have developed turbo downpipes for European marques, Japan Domestic Models to the local national car models.

A good and efficient turbo downpipe will improve turbo spooling, hence will gain more horsepower, better torque and reducing turbo lag.

Here is the SUPERCIRCUIT downpipe made for the Proton Exora CFE Turbo.

The factory stock turbo downpipe is under the heat sheild (SEE BELOW).

After the factory stock downpipe is removed from the Proton Exora CFE Turbo engine, this is how the turbo outlet looks like (SEE BELOW).

The SUPERCIRCUIT catless downpipe vs. the factory stock Proton Exora CFE Turbo downpipe. The SUPERCIRCUIT downpipe is made with larger bore stainless steel mandrel bent pipes and is fully TIG/Argon welded on CNC machined stainless steel flanges (SEE BELOW).

The SUPERCIRCUIT downpipe is installed to the Proton Exora CFE Turbo. It is designed to bolt-on straight and is fully compatible with the factory stock exhaust system. Thermal wrap it for better heat control at the engine bay.

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