Saturday, March 18, 2017

BMW F10 520i Downpipe & Catback Exhaust Custom

Please pay us a visit to the SUPERCIRCUIT Exhaust Pro Shop for the large selection of direct bolt-on turbo downpipes and the hand crafted exhaust customization job. Just like the catback exhaust customization job we performed for the BMW F10 520i below:

The SUPERCIRCUIT direct bolt-on catless downpipe made for the BMW F10 520i's N20 turbocharged engine. This catless downpipe frees up a great deal of restriction, allowing the turbo to spool faster and hence better engine output can be achieved.

Picture below, the SUPERCIRCUIT catless downpipe fitted to the outlet of the twin-scroll turbo charger. It is designed for direct bolt-on and is compatible with the factory stock catback exhaust system.

While the catless downpipe frees up the restriction for more horsepower and torque, the catback is for sportier exhaust sound to match with the upgraded performance!

This custom made quad tips catback exhaust is system is designed to match the rear carbon diffuser shown below. Fully TIG/ARgon hand welded on mandrel bent stainless steel pipes.

The twin semi s-flow oval shape muffler boxes are carefully chosen to meet the customer's exhaust sound criteria. This is what we called a 'custom made' or 'made to order' exhaust system.

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