Monday, February 12, 2018

BMW F32 420i (N20) Downpipe

SUPERCIRCUIT Exhaust Pro Shop has probably the largest collection of catless turbo downpipes developed for BMW tuners in the region, from the entry level BMW F20 1-series to the large SUV BMW X6 V8 engine, to cater for your tuning and remapping needs.

After the earlier downpipe installation to the BMW F30 328i and F30 320i, both with the N20B20 engine. Here is another BMW with the similar engine (N20B20) installed the SUPERCIRCUIT catless downpipe, this time it is the BMW F32 420i.

Comparing it with the factory stock downpipe which has a huge catalytic converter, the SUPERCIRCUIT BMW F32 420i Catless Downpipe is fully done in grade 304 stainless steel mandrel bent pipes and is fully TIG/Argon welded on CNC machined stainless steel flanges for flawless fitment and a lot less exhaust restriction.

The factory stock downpipe comes with a huge catalytic converter which can be seen in the picture below.

This is how the turbo outlet of the N20B20 engine on the BMW F32 420i looks like, after the factory stock downpipe is removed.

The SUPERCIRCUIT downpipe is secured to the turbo outlet of the BMW N20B20 engine via the factory supplied exhaust clamp (see below picture).

And at the other end of the downpipe, it is connected to the rest of the BMW F32 420i factory stock catback exhaust system via a slip-joint as shown in the pictures below. So the installation is simply direct plug 'n play, no further mod is required.

The catless downpipe is ideal for ecu remapping and tuning needs, it allows the exhaust gas to flow freely and less restrictive, hence faster turbo spooling and lesser turbo lag.

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