Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ford Ranger T6 2.2D Downpipe

SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop has done the development and testing of the Ford Ranger 2.2D (T6) Turbo Downpipe and it is ready for mass production.

The Duratorq 2.2 TDCi turbo diesel engine on the Ford Ranger 2013 is claimed to be able to produce 150PS and 38.24 Kg-M of torque. Let's see what we get on wheels

The SuperCircuit made downpipe for the Ford Ranger 2.2D is welded using TIG technique on the 2.5" mandrel bent stainless steel piping. It is both durable and high performance.

Ford Ranger factory stock downpipe VS. SuperCircuit Downpipe. 

The SuperCircuit downpipe has larger bore, straighter piping to promote better exhaust flow efficiency, hence better low end torque, smoother power curve and lower EGT

Flanges are carefully fabricated. Brackets and hooks are placed at the OEM original location to ensure the exhaust system or the vehicle body is not subjected to stress causing premature failure.

Dyno tested to be able to provice significantly improvement at the low end torque and horse power by as much as 30PS and 10 Kg-M torqe at as low as 2000RPM.

For more information about the above Ford Ranger T6 2.2D Downpipe, please contact us at SuperCircuit Exhaust Pro Shop, Sunway. Tel: +6 03 5632 2855 or join the SuperCircuit Exhaust facebook for more updates.