Thursday, April 28, 2016

BMW F20 120i Downpipe

Just like the other BMW's that we have installed with the SUPERCIRCUIT Downpipes, there is no exception for the BMW 1-series.

We have installed the SUPERCIRCUIT catless downpipe to the BMW F20 120i below.

The BMW F20 120i comes with the 1.6L turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine code name N13B16 claimed to have 177hp and 250Nm of torque delivered to the rear wheels via an 8-speed auto gearbox.

The BMW F20 120i factory stock downpipe is removed from the turbo (SEE BELOW).

The BMW F20 120i factory stock downpipe with a big catalytic converter vs. the SUPERCIRCUIT oversized, catless downpipe.

The BMW F20 120i turbo is located quite high at the engine bay and can be accessed easily (SEE BELOW). 

Just clamp-on, no screw! The SUPERCIRCUIT downpipe is made of full 304 stainless steel mandrel bent pipe and full TIG/Argon welded on high precision CNC machined stainless steel flange to ensure perfect fit (SEE BELOW).

At the other end of the SUPERCIRCUIT Downpipe is a slip-on joint where it is connected to the factory stock catback exhaust system. The downpipe is 100% compatible with the factory exhaust system, no cut or weld is required during the installation.

The SUPERCIRCUIT Catless Downpipe is ideal for ecu tuning or ecu reflashing needs, even though it can also be installed alone without tuning. CEL issue can be countered with a Mini Cat or an O2 sensor defouler.

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