Friday, October 13, 2017

Subaru XV Headers/ Extractors

This is yet another SUPERCIRCUIT exhaust headers/ extractor installed to the Subaru XV/ Crosstrek here at the SUPERCIRCUIT EXHAUST PRO SHOP's installation bays. We have shown the dyno results of this header previously, this time round we would like to cover more about the installation and also the metal gaskets that go with it.

The exhaust headers of the Subaru XV/ Crosstrek can be accessed after removing all the under carriage diffusers. In the picture below shows how the factory stock exhaust headers looks like. 

The picture below shows how the exhaust outlet ports of the Subaru XV's FB20 flat-four engine looks like after the factory stock headers are removed.

The Subaru XV/ Crosstrek exhaust header vs. the SUPERCIRCUIT catless header. The SUPERCIRCUIT header is made with grade 304 stainless steel mandrel bent pipes and is fully TIG/Argon welded on CNC machined stainless steel flanges. 

This are the original metal gaskets from the Subaru XV/ Crosstrek. It is to be reused during the installation of the SUPERCIRCUIT header.

At the other end of the header, where it is connected to the rest of the catback exhaust system of the Subaru XV/ Crosstrek, is another original triangular metal gasket supplied along as factory stock standard (see below picture). This triangular gasket is also to be reused later during the installation of the SUPERCIRCUIT header.

Below are the closed-up pictures of the SUPERCIRCUIT Subaru XV/ Crosstrek header flanges. Note the factory stock metal gaskets are inserted between the flanges and the engine block and 'exhaust cement' is applied extensively to provide air-tight sealant when the bolts are tightened. 

In the below picture, the triangular metal gasket is sandwiched between the SUPERCIRCUIT stainless steel flange and the mild steel flange of the factory stock Subaru XV catback exhaust system. 

One crucial part of the SUPERCIRCUIT header made for the Subaru XV/ Crosstrek is the built-in O2 sensor defouler shown in the picture below. The O2 sensor defouler helps to prevent the CEL to pops up due to P0420 fault code after the stock catalytic converter is removed.

The SUPERCIRCUIT headers made for the Subaru XV/ Crosstrek is designed for direct bolt-on and is fully compatible with the rest of the Subaru XV/ Crosstrek exhaust system (see below picture). No mod or weld is required to install.

To purchase or for more information about the above SUPERCIRCUIT bolt-on catless header made for the Subaru XV or Subaru XV Crosstrek FB20 engine, please visit us at SuperCircuit exhaust Pro Shop, SS13 Subang Jaya Industrial Estate. Tel: 03 5632 2855 or Send Us A Message using the form on the right of this page.

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